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Building Partnerships Through Agency Collaboration

The BRT Program team officially launches the Executive Leadership and Technical Advisory Committees.

Tyler Besch

November 9, 2022

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As part of the Phoenix Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Program’s 35th Avenue/Van Buren Street BRT Corridor development, the BRT team has established a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and an Executive Leadership Committee (ELC) to gather technical insight and perspective on key decisions.

These groups provide an open and transparent communication channel with the BRT Program team to ensure the BRT Program is meeting its goals and objectives. Ultimately, the formation of these groups will boost project awareness, engage agency representatives, and facilitate critical input during key milestones. This approach has been used by the city of Phoenix on other transit projects, which fostered comprehensive feedback from stakeholders, created strong relationships between agencies, and ensured successful implementation.

So, who represents each committee, and what’s their role?

The TAC and ELC include representatives from the BRT Program team, city of Phoenix departments, regional/state government agencies, and council districts.

Representatives.png    Responsibilities.png