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How We'll Get There...

Follow the road to success and learn more about what it takes to implement the first BRT system in Phoenix

How We'll Get There

Moving Forward

Now that the first BRT corridor is approved (35th Avenue/Van Buren) what are our next steps? Where do we go from here? Follow our roadmap below to learn more about our process and each step along the way that gets us closer to our first bus rapid transit system for the Phoenix community!  

Road to Success

Process Graphic

Transit Analysis

  • Corridor identification
  • Community collaboration and education

Detailed Corridor Planning
(we are here)

  • Corridor alignment planning
  • Station area and design
  • BRT element definition
  • Funding

Conceptual Design Plans

  • Community collaboration and education
  • Preliminary Right-of-Way (ROW) plans
  • Corridor alignment
  • Traffic analysis
  • Survey and utilities

Preliminary/Final Design

  • Corridor alignment refinement
  • Station refinement and architecture
  • ROW refinement
  • Fare collection
  • Bus design and amenities
  • Community collaboration and education


  • Station development
  • Traffic signal updates
  • Community collaboration and education
  • Roadway enhancements
  • Vehicle testing
  • Community collaboration and education