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Where We’ve Been…

Take a closer look at the progress of our program since 2019!

Where We've Been

Where it Began

In 2019, at the direction of Phoenix’s Citizen Transportation Commission and City Council, the project team reevaluated the BRT corridors in the T2050 plan. Following the technical analysis, the team completed nearly 11 months of community outreach to solicit input on six potential BRT corridors. Based on community input and the results of the technical analysis, the 35th Avenue/Van Buren Street corridor has been approved by City Council to move forward into the next phase of development and analysis: detailed corridor planning. For more detailed information on where we have been, visit

Where We've Been

You Asked, We Answered...

We heard you! Check out what the community had to say about BRT in Phoenix by clicking on the speech bubble icons below.

Quotes from the community
  • “I think that Bus Rapid Transit should bring passengers to the light rail as an additional option to get people places faster.”
  • “I adamantly believe an improved and reliable public transportation system will have a huge positive impact for all forms of transportation and overall public well-being.”
  • “I think this could be a great option to help minimize transit times/transfers for some riders, which is GREAT.”
  • “I think it’ll be a huge benefit for the city of Phoenix.”
  • “I think BRT is an exciting concept that complements the light rail and local bus systems.”
  • “BRT will be a great improvement to our bus system. I look forward to riding it!”
  • “For BRT to be successful, not only must it be well-placed, but it must not cater to the comfort of cars.”
  • “BRT Has the potential to make the streets safer for all users.”
  • “This seems like a great idea. Public transportation is so important to the future of our great city and the more we invest in making BRT fast, effective and thorough the better.”
  • “[35th Avenue] provides improved service to one of the highest-density and most transit-dependent neighborhoods in Phoenix.”