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Building better projects through community collaboration and co-creation

Terry Gruver

October 1, 2022

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As you explore this site, you’ll notice the phrase “co-create” in several areas. Nowhere is the notion of “co-create” more evident than in our approach to providing information to and seeking input and collaboration from community members – that’s you!

Projects like Phoenix BRT are meant to serve communities and their needs. Planners and engineers have the training and expertise to produce sound, feasible projects but to develop and implement projects that truly meet a community’s needs, the community must also be an active partner in the process. That’s where co-create comes in – proactively working alongside community members and stakeholders throughout the project development and implementation process.

Because community input and collaboration is so important, the Phoenix BRT project team includes communications and public outreach staff responsible for providing up-to-date information about the project, including “translating” highly-technical information, seeking input to incorporate into the project, and creating collaboration opportunities for the community. The communications team is continually evaluating community participation – looking at how/when/why people engage with and participate in the project – so that we can adjust, adapt, and improve information to make it relevant and understandable.

Now more than ever, we know we are competing with multiple demands on people’s time and attention. Our goal is to make it easy, convenient, interesting, and worthwhile for you to engage with the project and collaborate with our team.

We look forward to continuing to co-create with you!