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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting you up to speed on BRT! Learn more about the Phoenix Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Program.

Phoenix BRT Team

February 28, 2023

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We know you have questions, and we have answers!

Do you appreciate information that is presented in a straightforward and concise format? Are you a fan of lists?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then head over to our recently updated FAQs page now at

Our team has compiled a comprehensive inventory of information that covers everything BRT from A-Z. Whether you’re a seasoned BRT expert or still asking what BRT is, our FAQs will either test or inform your knowledge on:

  • BRT elements
  • Queue jumps
  • Transit Signal Priority (TSP)
  • Off-board fare payment
  • Ongoing efforts
  • U.S. cities with BRT

Have additional BRT questions not covered in the FAQs? Let us know! Better yet, ask us at an upcoming in-person or virtual public meeting, take our survey or send us feedback via the community connection form. We’re open for suggestions, questions and comments or available to just chat. Your input will help guide the development of BRT in Phoenix!