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Hear from the Director!

Get the inside scoop on how the BRT corridor approval moves us one step closer to an operating BRT system.

Jesus Sapien

October 1, 2022

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As the Public Transit Director for the City of Phoenix, I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see Phoenix’s Citizen’s Transportation Commission; Transportation, Infrastructure and Planning subcommittee; and City Council approve 35th Avenue and Van Buren Street as our city’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor. As Phoenix continues to grow, our transportation system must also grow and adapt to best meet the community’s needs and demand for transit service.

Approval of the first BRT corridor is a momentous step in that direction and marks a significant milestone for the BRT program, which will transform and improve transit speed, reliability, and overall transit rider experience. With the corridor identified, we can really begin to build a foundation for the greater BRT system and bring a high-capacity bus service to our community. Now the work begins to refine the program schedule, develop a detailed corridor plan, conceptual alternatives and identify funding options.

Once we are ready to roll out Phoenix BRT, riders can expect a whole new experience that will make their journeys efficient and reliable. This may include custom buses that allow for faster entry and exit, priority treatment at certain intersections, off-board fare payment, and dedicated lanes for BRT vehicles.

It is an exciting time for transit in our city, and with the location of the first BRT corridor approved, the foundation has been laid for our first BRT system. BRT adds an important element to the overall transit system in Phoenix, integrating with existing bus and light rail service, connecting the Phoenix community to key destinations and complementary transit options, and getting people where they need to be efficiently and reliably!