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Hear from Sara, Phoenix’s BRT Administrator

Learn with us, connect with us, co-create with us!

Sara Kotecki

October 1, 2022

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Hi and welcome to! I’m Sara Kotecki, the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Administrator for the Phoenix Transit Department and I’m excited to welcome you to the new Phoenix BRT website. Through a series of blogs, infographics, maps, articles, and links, you will gain in-depth insight into the Phoenix BRT Program. This website will provide you the latest BRT information and inform you of future opportunities to co-create with the Phoenix BRT team!

Following more than a year of transit analysis, corridor evaluation, and a community education and engagement campaign, Phoenix City Council approved 35th Avenue and Van Buren Street as the initial BRT corridor in October 2021. Now that the first Phoenix BRT corridor has been approved, the next steps are to work with you to develop detailed corridor alternatives and branding. This is what brings us here today!

Today, we launch the blog site to stay connected with our community, provide timely information, and allow the community to truly meet our Phoenix Bus Rapid Transit program as it evolves through planning, design, and construction. As we developed this site, we focused on three main goals:

  • Creating a transparent and open network for communication with our community. By creating a blog site, we are able to provide quick and timely information on all things BRT that can be shared on social networks to spread the word about BRT.
  • Fostering a collaborative process with the community; co-create. Our BRT system will be more successful with community collaboration. We want you to be a part of the planning and design process so we can build a BRT system that meets your needs!
  • Building a connection to our program and project team. As we share information on Phoenix BRT, you will hear directly from members of our team, whether they are City of Phoenix staff, designers, planners, or communicators! We want you to have a direct connection to our team and the important work they are doing for this program.

Now some of you may be thinking, “what about the website?” Well, that’s here to stay! The site complements the site by providing supplemental information and focusing more on what’s happening right now. We will provide quick updates and insights on the program, our efforts, and our team. will be the key source of all technical and detailed BRT program information. It will contain all technical and non-technical reports such as the transit analysis and community outreach summaries. So if you are ready to dive in on program information, head to, and if not, stick around and see what updates we have in store for you!

So again, I invite you to dig in and explore the site! Check back frequently to stay up to date on new information and program status and continue to provide us your input and feedback. Together, we’ll build a successful BRT system in the fifth largest city in the U.S.!