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A New Transit Fare System Will Make Riding Phoenix BRT Quick and Easy

Get to know your new BRT system – Fare Collection: The new Phoenix BRT service will soon join the Valley’s many transportation options. This is one of a series of blog posts that explore common elements of BRT systems.

Phoenix BRT Program Team

October 3, 2022

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The new Phoenix BRT system will be fast, reliable, and convenient. It will also feature a new quick and easy fare collection system, with the first phase being deployed in late 2022 and the second phase being deployed in late 2023 across the Valley Metro transit system.

No more fumbling for exact change or worrying about purchasing fare cards in advance of your trip. Instead, the new fare collection system will offer mobile ticketing with fare capping, and, eventually, smart cards that can be reloaded. Plus, you’ll be able to manage your transit account on a computer, mobile device or through the mobile app.

The city of Phoenix and Valley Metro have partnered to modernize the regional fare collection system – – which will give riders more tools and flexibility to access the transit system. In addition to a new mobile ticketing application and reloadable smartcard program, the system will include a robust retail network for the smartcard program and a customer service call center for the mobile ticketing application and reloadable smartcards. 

One feature of this modern collection system – the Valley Metro Plan & Track app – was unveiled last summer.

Picture of three phones screens, showing different features of the Valley Metro Plan & Track app. The first screen says, plan your trip. The second screen says, track your ride in real time. The last screen shows an example of a map and the bus routes with addresses and arrival times.

This mobile phone app, which provides real-time bus and light rail tracking and trip planning, can be downloaded for free from iOS and Google Play app stores.

Stay tuned for updates and information on the rollout of the new fare system.